Luvleeh Poet Of The Week: AnJahLa Luvs

It has been quite some time since I’ve done a Luvleeh Poet of the Week, where I spot light a new & upcoming poet or even an accomplished long term poet. Either way, this artist truly touched my soul today with her warm writes.

Angela R Brantley "AnJahLa Luvs"

Her name is Angela R. Brantley (AnJahLa Luvs) and I find that she captures the raw emotion of a woman, through her journey through love. This is love of God, self, family and man. She has works of prose/ poetry such as In Mourning, The Liberated Woman, I Love You, Love’s Earth Song, Soul Revelation.

AnJahla Luvs @ Hard Rock Cafe

This Harrisburg, PA native truly understands the energy that flows through life. She reflects it in her writes, as well as her aura. She has a loving spirit that even if you know just her works; you can feel her love; her passion for living. She also is a songstress with a beautiful singing voice. You may have seen her performing at places such as  Music Monday\’s at Hard Rock Cafe.

This mother of two and a future published author; as she is creating a collection of poetry for her first chapbook, has overcome many liberating experiences in her life. She shares them in her songs and writes. Be sure to look out for her and her works in the future.

You can check out her poetry on, where I had the privilege to view all of her mentioned works and more. Her page can be found at AnJahla Luvs. {{{Send a friend request}}}

Remember to support artists by reading their work, knowing/studying their writes, buying their books/cds and promoting them in the community of readers/writers near you!  Feature artists at events and do follow ups on them as well, keeping the every flowing energy of *Unity through Poetry* alive & prosperous.

This has been a Luvleeh Poetiklocks exclusive blog for “Luvleeh Poet of the Week”.

Keep the Unity Through Poetry.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


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