The Dream

I woke from a dream about my mother this morning. {I really don’t like these types of dreams.} In it, she had passed away, but she returned as an angel. She said that she would never leave me that she was going to be alright. I held her and didn’t want her to leave. She said, not to worry she wouldn’t. Of course this dream and its tears passed into my conscious state.  So, I had to talk to my mom.

While downstairs, prior to speaking with her, I felt the God within me speak to my heart. The dream represents my closeness with my mom, where I am in life and where I’ll soon be and to be grateful for having her in my life.

To understand why this dream occurred I need to give a little background information.

She had just returned last night from a 3 week vacation in Charlotte. I knew I missed her greatly. While she was away, I reflected on my mother, her love and support. I know that she has been there for me over the years, especially this past year. Nevertheless, three weeks ago, I was not the friendliest of person to her-though I later forgave myself as she did me, I realized then, without my mom where would I be (in the now time setting). She has provided everything LITERALLY -YOU NAME IT! I want(ed) and need(ed) for nothing.

So, what does this have to do with the dream?

Well, the dream propelled me, like an epiphany. I thought that it’s time to move in a new direction. I cannot do for her here, if I am always relying on her for everything. I need to go to a place where I can achieve more, thus provide more for my mother. That means I will have to move in with my loving brother down south.

Also while sitting, I remembered his call from the previous day. He said he is preparing a place for me to live and get my life more in order. This includes health, school, credit, propelling my business etc. {Everything I’ve been thinking on privately, so I know I attracted this to myself.} He told me “Lee, I know you are concerned about mom. I know you’ll miss her. But I can send you home every three weeks to see her.” {I can’t lie I was shocked when he said that, like he was reading my thoughts, but I was glad he did say it.} I guess it’s evident, even to him, how much our mom means to my life. The thought of leaving her was too much— but the thought of supporting her and moving forward {as death symbolizes} was a good thing.

I feel this dream signifies so much as I lay here on the floor collecting my thoughts.

She will never be gone. My mom always said she’ll be with me. I know she is a woman of her word. I know her loving energy surrounds me. She is like my shadow and I hers…Connected even if we don’t see each other.  So, this move is a good thing for me. It is time to fly away from the “nest” again. She will always have my back, no matter where I go or what I do. Knowing this gives me more security with the thought of leaving.

So, in the end the dream gave me my motivation and her blessing to leave; to become a woman fully; to be able to achieve the many successes that my life holds; to trust she will always be alright. So, I can truly reflect the woman who raised me.

Like her life in the dream, am ready to transition, I know she’ll always be with me. She is my guardian angel here on earth. She’s my guiding light and security. I thank God for her love and support. I am grateful for her and this dream.

Change is in the making, a transition is taking place. Love propelled yet another movement. I am ready to experience this new journey.

*Unity through Poetry*

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


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