Unity Through Poetry

I have been using this phrase “Unity Through Poetry” for some time now. I really feel it is beginning to take shape. It fully represents my heart’s desire and my mind’s vision to have Unity Through Poetry. While speaking with some fellow poetesses from FB; we came up with a creative way to express the creation of this unity.

Unity Through Poetry

“Love begets Love; Unity begets Unity; Peace begets Peace, which all together begets Unity Through Poetry”- Luvleeh Poetiklocks, {Huniie & Chrys}

I live by this statement. I understand not everything you read you will like and no this is not about that; this is about respecting the poet behind the work, supporting their efforts; promoting; buying works; and checking on the well being of the poet {if within you are in reach to do so.} Simply taking the time to keep these living poets in your thoughts and passing their works on to others creates this continued love. It builds our unity as writers/poets/ supporters, and by keeping the peace within in the writing communities… we will all reach our goals in the literary world.

Now this movement is new; but it is going to forever be apart of my journey. I am grateful to have people willing to walk with me as I move forward in this exciting experience. I’ve created a group page on FB to help push the movement and bring my supporters together. It’s called A Luvleeh Poetiklocks Experience (Supporters) please join and add your friends. Have them add me as a friend and experience my poetry; the initial reason behind the group; but most importantly support each other and find out what new and interesting things are going on in the literary world. I continuously update my FB {Luvleeh Poetiklocks} and the FB group page. ┬áHave a wonderful journey of your own. Blessings.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


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