Poem: I Need To Write Something

Thanks to the luvleeh ladies of  Poetry Speaks Volumes… (See August 3rd show for live reading… )I created this piece while listening to their show…

Here’s a track that went nicely to it… enjoy …  Accompanying Track That flows w/ the poem…track not my own.. Play and take in a glimpse of the show…. It was so erotic… indeed…;)

I Need To Write Something

I… need to write something
So I took your pen and scrolled its ink across my page
Allowing the stroke of your fine point pen to guide my thoughts into manifestations
You gladly took in the opportunity to salaciously draw out a way to formulate my genre
Poetically I longed for the words to cross my lines… for you read between them
Drawing your tongue along the straight and narrow arch of my essence…

I … need to write something
That leaves you emotionally in the physical form
Have you reaching out to touch the images I spawn
So, I let go of control… and free versed my soul into yours
My breath steadily increasing in volume
Deepest sigh became the loudest moan
And I, felt your caress across my collar bone…
Eyes began to roll as kisses sparked my spot and your ink bled my page…
Need I say ….

I …need to write something
Something that motivates people to love harder, lust longer yet mix the two…

I … need to write something that encompasses my feelings for you…
But the words are lost in my womb…
As vibrations still linger from previous rendevous’
Causing my hands to shake vicariously
You wrote a new language across my cervix and I… am hooked on your phonics
Like an addicted druggie… baby…

I … need to write something… before my lips give into your abyss… and I begin to swallow you within… leaving cocked throats and questions… like… should I swallow or spit…?

I… need to write something… before my thighs grasp your thighs and we begin to make rhythmic sounds… with clasping hands and ass bouncing round…

Before we give the neighbors something to talk about… trey said it best but you say it better… drop syllables inside me and make me call out your letters…
Each one sending me into a compulsory convulsion… You make my poetry take motion… I love every inch of your devotion… I like when you hit the back of my throat from inside, and…

I… need to write something… because honestly you leave so many words inside my pussy… that my mind drips envy.

(c) 2010 Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill. All rights reserved. No republication of this material, in any form or medium, is permitted without express written permission of the author.


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