What Do People Really Do Who Work In ER?

Tonight I was driving along with my mom when we decided to stop and get some sodas at a local gas station. Upon exiting the door my lovely shoulder popped extremely loudly and hard. I screamed out in pain- which is something I rarely do due to high pain tolerance. Anyway, I realize it is difficult for me to move my arm/ shoulder in certain positions, so I decided I should go straight to the ER, in case it was more serious than it seemed.

When we got to the ER there was two people ahead of me; signs that it was not at all busy. Oddly we arrived around 11:30pm- We got called back to the back by 12:45 am??? This is the point of the first blank stare O_o. So, we wait until 1:15am to have Dr. Skateboard( explain later) come and speak  to us. MIND YOU… they were just standing around doing nothing … staring at us staring at them….

So, when he comes in my mom out of sarcastic sleepiness say… “nice of you to join us”. Dr. Skateboard goes ” And what is that supposed to mean?” I blow it off once he asks what’s wrong and I explain. He proceeds to nonchalantly care about anything I’m saying. Probably distracted by the bright orange blouse I had on…a little loud for 1 am! lol. Anyway, he suggests that I get an Xray to make sure everything is ok since I had a lot of pain when I moved it.

Time passes and I see him steadily on his computer, while others move around taking care of orders. I stare O_o… my mom stares O_o… but still nothing. I then over here him ask has anyone explained to them why they are waiting? Have you put in the request for her Xrays? Then more time waiting…. O_o.

I’m thinking when are they going to do anything no one (literally) was there anymore by this point. Finally  at 5 minutes to 2, here comes the other nurse to take me to get XRayed…….ACROSS THE HALL!!! LMAO! So I go and do as told. While walking across the hall, I happened to catch a glimpse of Dr. Skateboard’s comp… Dude had been sitting watching the X games videos online! WTF… Like really? I was done. I didn’t get mad, but it made me wonder when folks are in the ER for like 3-4 hours WAITING… what do the people who work in ER really do? Because last I checked, the X games didn’t save anyone’s life, nor take an Xray.

So, after the Xrays we sent to his comp {pause the games} he came and told me that it wasn’t broken or dislocated; as he had previously pointed out when he dug his fingers into my shoulder. Then he proceeded to draw…YES DRAW on the sheets on the bed. He drew out the shoulder like this was arts and crafts at Jo Ann Fabrics and he was teaching me how to draw the shoulder bone while “looking” professional. LMAO! Then he proceeded to tell me the only way to find out if the ligaments are messed up is if I get an MRI. O_o. Then he walked out. I was discharged within a min b/c the discharge nurse came w/ my papers like from right outside the door. In it was  a referral, no pain killer, no prescription or suggestions, no nothing. I had to do my own prognosis and say… when you get home take 3 asprin and go to bed. Needless to say, my shoulder still hurts, but I was grateful none the less…

Next time I’m going straight home. that way he will never have to pause his youtube videos again and I can save myself a $800 plus bill for him to watch it! lol.

Things that randomly happen… what can you say?

Keep it Fun Anyway!

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment



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