I Wear My Heart On My Sleeve

I wear my heart on my sleeve; so I cut it.

Love, what really is it to me? My heart is surely on my sleeve and I have to say that when I’m with someone I respect when I use the words, I love you. Often times I don’t feel the initial emotions from or behind those words, but I know I love the person. It’s as though I’m not in love but I do care a lot for them. I just wonder why is it when I get detached that I’m so numb to it- Love that is. I recognize this in myself.

Just recently I went through a breakup. I think it was the easiest one I’ve ever had. Funny-Easy? I stated I was unhappy, for reasons created by both parties, and when his response was of the “Not now, I don’t care” type. I figured why stay here. So, I left. It seems I have little patience anymore for men who don’t care to be in relationships. I used to chase them down, “stick it out”, but I found I’m only creating room for more of the same thing. This is probably why I have never had a relationship ever reach a year. Maybe I’m missing some elements- I’m learning more about myself all the time. Nevertheless, if a man doesn’t want to be committed, he’s not going to be.

Case and point. If a woman feels she is lacking love, affection or any other elements that would lead her to another man because her current man is not committed, then maybe the current relationship isn’t right for her. See how one thing can create the other. Now before I get smacked with a lot of comments about those statements, let me explain.

When a man states he wants solely a monogamous relationship; he is stating that he is being solely committed to this one woman and her to him. So, this means emotionally, physically, mentally he is saying – I’m only yours with the expectation that she is only his. Right? So, why does this man feel the need to go outside of the relationship and assume she too will not do the same? That energy is being created.

Now she doesn’t have to act on it as he did, but is it not expected, if he is not meeting her needs? I feel if a man would state from the beginning that he is not looking to have a serious relationship or that he is more prone to desire an open one; then he needs to stick to that, so she is not following some game; playing into his façade. Now before you go hitting me up AGAIN… this too goes for women who feel this way. If both agree to the arrangements of what the relationship will be or become then they should stick to it. Growing together.

Open Relationships is an Option… but Monogamy is Too..

For example, Man says he prefers to date more than one woman to meet his needs/desires, although he respects the main woman who he is with. Then the woman knows ahead that this will be more of an open relationship. This is same for a woman if she feels this way.

What all this boils down to is having an OPEN HONEST EXPRESSION OF INDIVIDUAL DESIRES FROM THE BEGINNING!!!! This opens the relationship to have real emotion, so truth doesn’t get lost in the chase. So people are not falling in love with the image and not the heart. When you paint a picture of what you truly want from a person don’t use crayons when you are trying to paint! Make sense. Don’t have them believing one thing and constructing a relationship around those elements, if they are not true to yourself. They will only leave room for problems down the line.

Love- often confused with lust, is such an interesting emotion. Though it’s on my sleeve, sometimes I have to cut them, so I can live a little more freely. Love from a distance. Allow it to grow. I need to search myself to find out what it is I really want and with whom I want it. Maybe then I will understand more of myself and not accept those things which another offers, when they don’t balance my own desires. Love- I’m here just give me some room to grow a little more. Let me figure out what this Libra heart of mine truly desires. Then will I feel more power in those words- I love you. Balance, Love, Relationships- all things I need and desire. Libra Love Horoscope.

Appreciate your reading this blog. Feel free to comment.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment,

Luvleeh Poetiklocks


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