Tomorrow is Promised

Tomorrow is Promised; though you may not see it. I just got finished reading an article that provided more info for in regards to three NFL players Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith and friend William Bleakley,  that passed away at sea after their boat over turned.

Marquis Cooper and Corey Smith

William Bleakley

There was a search but it came up void after only finding one sole survivor, Nick Schuyler.

Nick Schuyler

Oprah is doing a special on them today and I felt compelled to find out more about them and their journey that day.

Tragic Deaths of 3 Football Players

The sadness that many compel for these young men is tremendous. I honor their lives and cherish/respect their passing. May they find bliss beyond this world. I do pray they did not suffer when they did depart; despite the harsh waters. I pray they had peace within self to make the transition. Although some may not agree to what I’m saying because the experience was so tragic, I know God has a purpose for all people.

Tomorrow is promised; although you or I may not see it. So we must focus on the things we are doing in this present moment. What things are we creating to bring more love, peace, tranquility to this life? I don’t know if I will see tomorrow but today I am loving those people around me. I cherish every moment. I am learning to become at peace with life and its abundance. As I embark on this journey I am loving a little harder. Living a little freer. Sharing a little more. Releasing my bondage of years of imprisoned thinking- that I can only do but so much, or look only so pretty, or meet just these few people. This is old thinking for me. New awareness puts me more in tune with divine power and growth within me.

Just remember- Life is full of adventure; even if the next one is your last. So make the best of it, so when you leave you can say you enjoyed the whole ride. God bless those three men and their journey.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment,

Luvleeh Poetiklocks

These gentlemen lived a full life because they sought adventure. They went after those things which they love and manifested greatness with them.


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