Can’t Stress for I am Blessed

I’m feeling really good today. I woke up rather awkward, due to lack of sleep and my luvleeh mother calling to assist her with finding the car keys, but I nevertheless remained calm. I took care of the necessary issues at hand and thank God that all was able to manifest well. Seeing the mayhem made me relax even more. I realized that I can’t stress for I’m blessed.

I’m blessed to have life, family, friends, a home- I have ideas that can manifest into financial growth, so I found my peace in those things. So, now that my day is open I sit wondering what can I do today that will bring even more serenity to my life.

I’m so grateful to be home in a place of complete oneness with the energies around me; so I’m deciding to focus in on my books and even some old projects I set aside.

I have a two volume series of poetry that I am completing. I put my thoughts into these books to give them all of me. Even now as I take time to blog my thoughts, like free writes before projects in grad school, I’m giving it my all.  I feel when I do this I’m honoring the God(dess) within me. The Spirit that continuously guides me through my challenges… or rather experiences. Nothing truly is a challenge it is simply a new way of approaching a new sector in your life.

The other part are my projects. My mother and I created a workshop in March  called “Finding Your Voice”. It deals with using your voice through song, speaking and poetry(writing).

It was truly a success. I was amazed at both of our growth and was even more astonished at the results it had on the guests who shared in the afternoon. We had all ages present, young to old, but so see the beauty in the room; the light; the oneness-was fabulous.

Sidetrack: Funny, this young girl made a statement that stuck with me that day.  She wrote a poem  with -“roses are black, violets are… ” You know that old rhyme? Well I asked her to explain it.. and she said “well, some roses are Black.” I was glad to see the art within this creative little mind. She saw outside the perimeter. She saw difference and embraced it. I thought that was pretty unique.

Now back to what I was saying, with these types of experiences in the world how can anyone be stressed? I am grateful for all my experiences and honor them and those involved. This being said today will be a wonderful and prosperous day; filled with adventure and growth- and no room for stress. Let go; Relax and Enjoy- Those are today’s goals. When it comes to a close I will be able to look back and see all I’ve accomplished. Many blessings.

Finding the Joy in everything.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


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