Living Invigoratingly For Evolution

     Every day I grow more and more stronger. I begin to see the evolution and rewards of getting to know self. I see this journey has many paths, but each one has the same destination. GROWTH. Growing means knowing you are no longer the same as you were prior to the start of your journey.

       At the start of my journey some months ago I was a victim, something I no longer claim to or acknowledge, for there are no victims or villians in this world. We account for all our actions and reactions. I left North Carolina in search of me and now a year later I have found myself. She never was lost- only I was too busy searching other people to define me, that I never searched within.

         I always wonder why people settle with where they are, instead of releasing what society says they need to be, so they can be free from self bondage. Love creates; Love God, Love self, Love all you are created to be; never fall short of your bliss. I can no longer accept what people THINK I should be – rather I can only be who I know I AM~ This means accepting every curve, every blissful thought, accepting where I am in life only long enough to better myself, and no giving up on life.

         I’ve experienced all of what a blocked mind can experience. What is a blocked mind? A blocked mind had me feeling unloved, willing to settle and stay there, even try to take my life. A block mind didn’t see the beauty in self, life and all those who I touch through words, actions etc. I could not function with a block mind. It allowed me to have victimized thought process. I had to release those thoughts and feelings and open my mind, heart, and soul.  I let Spirit take over.

Luvleeh Inks & Links

Smiling through the Journey

My journey is just this- a new seed planted daily. A new ray of light to ferment my growth. I love who I am, I love where I’m going. When I found the peace in my journey; I found life.

So I’m L-iving I-nvigoratingly F-or E-volution.

Embrace your journey.

~Many hugs~

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment.

Leandrea “Luvleeh Poetiklocks” Hill


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