Joyful Snow

This morning I looked out the window only to find snow drifting past. How amazing that it’s snowing and it’s only Oct 15! the leaves are still changing. It reminds me of God’s ever changing ways. We can not predict what is to come only hold fast for it’s possibilities. Even when I check horoscopes or fortunes~ I know it is just a glimpse at what possibilities are available~some may disagree, but I feel it is real. My life moves on.Your life moves on. Whether we are ready for the change or not. So, why drag on all the things you can’t accomplish, simply move forward like the changing of seasons there is no going back and re-doing only a reinvention of what was….but greater~.I hope I didn’t lose you~. Applying the change in seasons to our everyday life is all~. I hope you are conscious of the time ticking away do not get stuck in the last tock.Think on it~Peace love and light~

Moving forward

Moving forward


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