Consuelo Hill My mother, My Best friend~ An Icon

This morning I was woke out of my sleep by my own voice calling for my mother~ I heard no response. I thought to myself~ my mother is late to work oh no I over slept. I called again~ MOOOOMM! Nothing. again I called MOM! Silence! My heart began to rush a bit in the stillness. I thought no~ I will go to the steps she can’t hear me way up here. MOM~ nothing~ maybe she left~but how could she w/ no alarm~ I was supposed to be her alarm~.Mom! Mom! Mom! I run down the stairs only to stop at the bottom of the steps~ preparing myself for the worst~ I just knew something was not right~It’s 7:22 I just knew~I tell myself to I turn the corner ~ if not~ I rush into the kitchen and look out the bay window~ NO CAR! Thank you God! A breath of relief escapes my lungs~ The fear that had rushed through me enough to wake me up for the day~had subsided, yet it propelled me to write.

I have to learn to cherish my mother more than I have lately. Her body is not what it used to be ~though through God she is healed~. I just don’t want to think of what I would do without my mom. So today, I am taking the opportunity to honor my mother w/ love. She has gone w/o for so much for me. Times she sent me money and skipped a bill to help me out or came to NC just to make sure I was ok when I had a trip out moment over life coming my way. What a woman. She taught me how to live how to be a woman. Here at 25, I am finally molding out correctly  if you will, beginning to retrace my roots. The roots she planted in me. THe roots that stretch out and support love and cherish the ones you love. The roots that grow out towards success. The roots that ground the tree that I am now growing into~ firmly rooted in life~ She always said I was a mirror image of her own life. I used to say man what can I do differently— but now I realize by having life freely I stepped into the same woman she became~ a Queen! She gave me my royalty.

I love you mom

I love you mom

I love Consuelo D. Hill. To the world she is a music teacher . Voices of Glory vocal teacher. A musician. A professional singer. An actress. A daughter. A Queen, but to me she is Mom~ a friend~ my best friend. I have been able to live a privileged life. No worries. I must learn to enjoy it while it is here, yet not neglect that I too must  stand on my own one day~ She is my angel. I know. Not many mothers would do for their kids what mine does for me in today’s world. I am blessed. I hate (yes I do) that she is not recognized for her greatness to the community~ as the icon that she is~. She has put Newburgh, NY on the map~ but you don’t hear it~ like a forgotten Navy vet, she is passing through the ranks of time ~ teaching our youth some for generations. Hudson Valley we must step up and begin to acknowledge our diamonds. She is rare~ she goes out of her way and above all that is asked of her in the community and in my life. I can blog about her or write poems and plays but it is you ~ that can make a difference too!

My Queen Mother~

My Queen Mother~

So, I am so glad that my mom managed yet again to do what she had to in order to survive(wake up w/o my alarm lol)~ but I do pray that not just I will over sleep on her life~ Think on it~ If you never met her~ you are missing a jewel in your life. I love you mom~ *sorry for oversleeping Tee hee* You are a great mom, a wonderful teacher and yes~ An Icon. Today I cherish your being~ Peace Queen~

Mom and V.O.G.

Mom and V.O.G.

Peace Love and Enlightenment~

Luvleeh aka Leandrea~

I love you mom~

I love you mom~

Thank you for teaching me how to love life in spite all odds~You are beautiful and you love me unconditionally~ not all people can say that about there mom w/o questioning~ I don’t question you show me daily~ and I love you~ I cannot let another day pass where I don’t let you know it daily~Peace


9 thoughts on “Consuelo Hill My mother, My Best friend~ An Icon

  1. this is my music teacher and i love her and today june 25,2010 she retired and when i got on my bus i cried my eyes out! ill never forget her and she’ll always be in my heart:) god bless you Ms.Hill!



    I LOVE YOU AUNTIE C!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. had her for a music teacher. will say will always think of her great voice and is a great person. god bless her!

  4. Dear Ms. For years I’ve tried to find you, in my life you were the most inspirational person If this message gets to you I just want to say thank you! I live in Texas now as you know since 95, I am 31now and still going to school to be a teacher contact me Your little Angel L. Colon Jr on facebook. Your kind words always steered me to the truth!!!!

  5. 🙂 I wonder if you still come on here. I was just watching our step show :’| But hey Good memories right :D! Still looking for it and I still have pictures from it. I was 10! now im 13 😛 Wel if you do Hi Ms.Hill its me Morgan again. Morgan Gaetano. Just saying hi!

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