Just A Rant#2:A Poem

It’s been one of those days where I am a bit off track even still from the weekend. I guess I used much of my energy remaining occupied. I feel good that I got some work posted in my playwriting class. I came to a stumbling block  some days ago –I didn’t have a book that I need for this class and an account with let’s just say not enough money in it to buy it @ amazon.com. So, I decided to work around it as a friend came through for me and said she’d look out and get me the book in a few weeks~. Times are hard for everyone so I truly understand.

I guess this blog is just a rant so I will post my poem I wrote last night….titled Just A Rant#2 the first one was not posted~it’s unedited off the dome~ I’d post the video but it seems I’ve yet to figure these things out~ I’m teaching myself~ lol. Peace Love and Poetik Enlightment

Look into my soul~Can you see your reflection

Look into my soul~Can you see your reflection

Life of the poet

This is a moment

for me to relax and unwind

Let you see what I have in store for you over time

You see I am merely a vessel

Merely one being trying to put out a word

For you to hear


You chose to listen

Cause see words can choose to go in

But if you allow them to go out

It is not

Going …To Help…You…

So, I’m just sitting here not trying to spit a short little haiku

Or some type of sonnet or lyric

No this is me just being Lee

I sit around just thinking of poetry

Because poetry is me

Now I might not be the spoken word artist

or somebody who’s got lots of accolades and such

but hey

time will show if that’s within me

cause see I have greatness within Lee


Am the letters that create words

sentences that create paragraphs

Poets like myself we formulate the contrast between the two

See you —just want to get inside my mind so I can get inside you

And that’s real deep when you think about it

Allow yourself to go beyond just the mediocre things

And go inside the universal thought process

Yeah I’m just spitting something off the dome

And it’s kinda like this

When you –sit around at home and your lonely

Well I can’t see I’m lonely because you know I—

Connect to everyone universally

Keep going back to the root of the issue

Or maybe it’s a problem

or the equation to what is to come next

You see

I’m confident in my abilities

I’m confident in knowing that I can be successful

Because I

am confident  in Lee


Leandrea Juanita Hill —yes that is me


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