Communication: Huh? What Did you Say?

It is 2:04 am I just had my third conversation of the night with a fellow friend about COMMUNICATION. I cannot stress how important it is to share an open communication with all those around you especially those whom you love. I believe when we put our own barriers in the way and start locking in on our feelings that we push the other person in the relationship away.

There are all types of relationships gf/bf/,  husband/wife, parents/children, friends etc. The one thing all these categories have is a grounds for communication where dialogue between two people is most important. I look at it like the elements of a play. Everything is based of action –action takes place in the DIALOGUE!!!! You cannot move forward with yourself if you are having a MONOLOGUE!!!{Although that aspect does work in a play} However, this is real life!

It’s amazing how people can open up and share their deepest darkest secrets with strangers or friends or just anyone outside of the core relationship, but they are unable to tell those same things to the person whom which they are involved or dealing with. Now, some may say “that’s not true I try but I get a deafening ear” Well that’s where listening and then communicating back what was taken in comes into play!

Here’s a simple gf/bf senario:{Sorry if I’m picking on the men}

Anthony doesn’t like that Trisha is going out tonight, but he doesn’t tell Trisha. He holds it in something he does often. Trisha goes out and has a good time. When she comes home and tries to get in the bed with Anthony she gets the cold shoulder. [Like who wants that rt ladies? lol] What’s the problem here? There was no communication from the beginning that stated that an issue was apparently there. So, now you have both Anthony and Trisha upset b/c neither of them got what they wanted. Open the door to communication and see the change in the event. Just a possible senerio part 2.

Anthony doesn’t like that Trisha is going out tonight, he decides to first ask her to talk. She adheres and she HEARS what Anthony says. Anthony in turn lets her know that he’s not as comfortable about her going out that he’d like to spend time together OR that they can go out together{the Libra in me believes in options and balance}. Instead of Trisha lashing back and saying I don’t think so, she communicates to him one of two ways, yes that seems like fun sure why not~ we can use the QT moments or I would love if you joined us. Something that shows there is a positive reinforcement of COMMUNICATION. They are listening to each other.

Now I know this seems like make believe, but if you simply stop trying to analyze your man/woman and simply grow with listening ears you will begin to see a change in your COMMUNICATION barriers —They’ll come less and less. This can be applied in all areas. I too had to learn this over the course of time. I was the type to holler, be spiteful all that~ but I saw it got me no where but to endless arguments and too much make up sex~well we’ll leave that one alone. If you see that there is an issue inside your relationship both parties probably feel the same way~ you must take the time to get to the core of the matter and be willing to both listen and COMMUNICATE in dialogue not um hums nods and body language.SILENCE IS NOT THE TYPE OF COMMUNICATION YOU WANT TO BUILD OFF OF FOLKS!!!

Friends can benefit from this as well, often times my many sisters and I would have a huge falling out over something where we did not communicate properly. Do not fall into the hype of a he said she said moment, then you’ll hear it all! Simply learn to remain calm hear both parties and come to the core of the issue. In many cases my sisters and I agreed to disagree—but we had an agreement there was dialogue and we grew closer from it.

Sisters have to communicate too!

Sisters have to communicate too!

I will say this as I will need to blog about this continuously! Keep your grounds of COMMUNICATION OPEN!

I am single right now by choice, but my perspective and I have an open COMMUNICATION! He listens as I speak. I listen when he speaks . Together there is an open COMMUNICATION. NO FEAR IN HONESTY! Sometimes you have to simply be honest and say how you feel. It will help rid you of the “riff raff”. I look forward to the openness that will come from dialoguing with this “perspective”, that way if we decide to be more or simply stay friends we will not worry about something not being communicated towards each other and thus no one will get hurt~ I too have to apply the concept and actions of COMMUNICATION!

One more thing ~ with families that shut each other out you are adding one more burden to the “life struggle” as is~ Many people are lost out in the world b/c they wallow in the things of the past, that lack of communicating what was wrong. Don’t let that be you. Make changes be the first to say “I love you” for that too is a form of COMMUNICATION! Lead by example~

Thanks for reading I do hope that this helps you out, as I do all things for the uplifting of all people and myself. You all are reflections of what I am or have grown from~ So learn from each other as I learn from you. Continuous growth.

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightenment,

Leandrea aka Luvleeh~


Define the lack there of in your relationship~

Define the lack there of in your relationship~

It starts with you! Begin communicating with the one you love or cherish today!


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