Scheduling Does Help

If anyone ever said having a schedule doesn’t help they may need to take a nap! lol…After getting things moving today I wrote out an extensive schedule to help me get back in the race with grad school. I have fallen so far behind simply b/c scheduling was off base. I already said why {see Sleep~Crack~n~Progression} so, now I sit here during the period for blogging* I started my schedule mid-day since I just created it after the last blog~any who~ I am feeling so much better that I accomplished my tasks in an orderly fashion. I had to go back to the days of h.s. and undergrad I would go no where w/o my agenda!lol…So, now it’s like 2 min to 7, I’ve done what I should then I go back for revisions etc with class. I am loving this.

So, I guess what I want to ask is do you think having a schedule makes the difference in your daily life? For me it does help. It helps set the tone of the day~ I look forward to the progression of this experience while in school. I really love it, but love will not do the work~ well maybe a little. The work will not do itself….So that being said I am going to end this rant and get back in the game for schooling. Please feel free to leave your thoughts ~peace and joy to all~


One thought on “Scheduling Does Help

  1. yes having a schedule is a great help…I don’t know what i woud do without one…It gives me some sense of direction and purpose..Means i got stuff to do..It helps me stay focused..Scheduleing….always a good thing!!

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