Seeing Life with a New I’s

Today marks a new day. The first of the month but a few days past my 25th birthday! I have come so far from the little girl I once was to be this woman I am today. I am setting up this sight to better connect with the outside realm. Most importantly, I am writing this blog to release much of which I’ve held inside for the past 25 years. I do hope that by being honest I am not offending anyone I love~for I plan to talk about family, experiences and more. I plan to bring in my poetry as well. I know I titled my blog~Poetik Rendezvous~that is because with me you will find an array of things that make me who I am ~like Poetry~ the one thing that drives my passion to live!{that and God} So that being said! I welcome you to Luvleeh’s world! A place where you enter the mind of Leandrea Hill.

I have finished the first 25 years of my life and I am looking to the next!I am healing the wounds of the previous lifetime and focusing on the dreams of the future all while continuing to evolve from my present state. I no longer see things as victim and villian {thank you acousticallure and jujumama}

Peace Love and Poetik Enlightment~



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