Pornetry, Hopscotch & Cabbage!

This weekend has been an interesting one. I was so nervous & excited about my feature with my poetry family that I did something I had never done before… (Trust me it’s not as exciting it sounds) I think it may have been the fact that Friday was the first time I ever wore my belly out wearing a crop top. So, your probably wondering what the heck was such an issue… well – I ended up completely driving off from the gas pump with the pump still in my car. THE ENTIRE PUMP HOSE CAME OUT!!!! Yall I was like did this really happen? I stopped the car and ran full speed to the store. (Mind you I’m in the crop top and skirt like it was a slow motion beach moment in a movie!) Luckily for me the gas attendant wasn’t worried. I quickly ran back to my car and drove off in shame… lmao. BUT- I realized I had nothing to worry about for the night ahead.

The event turned out fabulous… we literally had a packed house with nearly everyone in masks for the Ultimate Masquerade Poetry Affair. It was my first time at Chima’s Brazilian Steakhouse in Charlotte, NC, but rest assure not my last. I did well overall though I stumbled a bit on a couple pieces. Pornetry (*coined from my buddy in TX as he defines my fusion of porn and poetry) happily lends itself to anything, so I had to freestyle some sections of my poems. As a poet sometimes we have to learn to just embrace every bit of every performance no matter what happens. Afterwards, I ended up saving a life. I won’t go into details… but let’s just say DRINKING & DRIVING are NEVER COOL! I am just glad the young lady made it home safely.

Saturday – I got up early for the Rock The Block: Back 2 School Block Party. I made sure I had a hearty breakfast courtesy of Waffle House lol. I then picked up the awesome massage therapist and headed out. From 10:15 am til about 9 pm we partied, played and enjoyed the block party. Every youth had a great time and honestly it was one of the best events I’ve been to in a while. I drew chalk art and we even created a hopscotch game in the street. I created the upstate NY version ( smaller boxes) but we ended up with the large box hopscotch in the end. I found it was much harder this way. I even sold some art- which is always exciting.

Today- well today I rested. That’s if you consider washing clothes, dishes and cooking/prepping food for the week. I must say I need to start writing my recipes down. I made this curry cabbage with broccoli today that was DELICIOUS!!!! I spiced it to perfection. Then I made this onion & spinach side that really boosted up the flavors of the cabbage and of course the chik’n patties made the whole meal great. I am diggin’ this partial veggie life. lol

All in all – this weekend was delightful. I met some wonderful people and truly enjoyed myself. I hope those I met felt just as nice – Be sure to prepare for your week with a smile. These are just some Luvleeh Thoughts~

Love Always,

Luvleeh Poetiklocks

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Taking Time for Me

It’s been a long while- life has taken its course and I’m sitting here. I sit looking back ot 31 years of life as I transition to yet another phase in the coming months. 32! I thought by now life would have taken me in a whole different direction of course … I discovered the truth… fairy tales are just goals accomplished and although I’ve worked hard and done a lot I am still in need of much work. I am finally taking time for myself. I still give back to others and find moments to make sure others are ok… but I can’t let life slip by any more.

This being said… I got back into Spreading UTP ( Unity Through Poetry) I am working on yet another book after publishing my 2nd book in May. I am pushing my website I paint more… I have fallen back over the past 2 years with creating jewelry. I plan to return soon. Hip HArt went well last year but I’m deciding to try something different this year as submissions are low and the majority of the year is closing in. I celebrated the release of my freedom this year… yet I still haven’t discovered how to truly embrace being free.

I’m no fancy blogger and I’m a decent writer … a great poet and a blessed author… I am finding new reason to embrace me… slowly… I just can’t let things keep building up anymore. That being said, this rant is just my way of saying I’m back… Back on being me… yeppers.


Early A.M.

It’s 4:27 am and I’m finally sitting down long enough to write something. It’s been years since I took a moment to write on my blog.  Lately,  being transparent is key to healing and happiness. Learning to be ok with fear- for it’s only what we think; not the reality of a situation that makes it difficult. Like- opening my heart. I opened my heart to let go of loved ones and embrace new ones. It didn’t take overnight but I learned the joys of patience with my heart.  This week my patience pays off by getting through the final stages of divorce. My heart has been heavy on returning to my old self tho’ much better now- I’ve developed this openness to receiving what the universe has to offer. So far it’s in the peace of letting go.


Ooooh I think I have a Luvleeh Thought

God Is An Artist

God is An Artist

last night
painted poetry
on the walls of my heart

this morning
i looked in awe
at the art of my soul

God is a painter
a fierce sculptor
a dynamic poet
a melodic musician

i am His masterpiece
i submit willingly
as though allowing universe
to fully take over

it is in this moment
i free myself
I am able to live